McGuire Dock Levelers

McGuire Dock Levelers

Hydraulic LeversMcGuire LH Series dock levelers feature the Truss Header and are clean-frame designed for easy, unobstructed cleaning of the pit. All levelers are manufactured to industry standrad sizes and capacities (based on ANSI MH30.1). All LH Series levelers are designed to accommodate 3-wheeled forklift trucks without the need for an additional center deck beam, feature a velocity fuse "Fail Safe" system that automatically locks the deck in case of unexpected truck departure, and come standard with a NEMA 4X. UL Listed, pushbutton control panel for easy operation.Mechanical LevelersMcGuire also manufactures a high quality line of mechanical dock levelers - the LM Series. These levelers are structurally sound and provide years of dependable service. These cost effective levelers include all of the same advanced construction features as our LH Series models. LM Series levelers are manually operated by pulling the chain at the rear of the leveler. The deck raises and the lip extends automatically. The weight of the attendant is all that is required to lower the deck and lip onto the trailer bed.Edge of Dock LevelersTwo models are available; the hydraulic edge of dock and the "Lift Free" mechanical edge of dock. These levelers are specifically suited where space and budget are limited. These levelers can be mounted to the face of the dock, eliminating the need to construct or break out a pit. The Lift Free mechanical model is the easiest to use mechanical leveler in the world! The simple two step operation handle eliminates personnel injuries and physical exertion. The hydraulic model features a pushbutton control panel for easy operation.


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